Interested in becoming a Rotary Member?

Annual dues for Rotary are $125 and are available as a single or business membership.  We also have a weekly luncheon meeting at The Stadium in Guttenberg and the cost of that is $10 per person which includes your lunch, lunch of the guest speaker, and $5 member drawing held each week.  Download your application here

2017 Guttenberg Rotary Club Members

David Brown
Austin Coon - President
Matt Esser
John Finch - President-Elect
Kim Gau
Jean Green - Secretary/Treasurer
Guttenberg Care Center
   Janette Simon - Past President
John Hartmann
Kathy Lake
Dale Linderbaum
Russ Loven
Karilyn McArthur
Dennis McNeal
Gary Mick
Allen Nelson
Mike Schuster
Mary Waterman

Photos courtesy of Jean M. Green and Sheila Tomkins.

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